Come Together…

I have a Beatles hit playing in my head today…”Come Together.”

My prayer for all who experienced the Orange Conference last week is a that there is lots of “coming together” happening in churches. I pray that leaders never go back to  “corners” of ministry, rather they unite to form  a circle of influence that is ORANGE in the local church. No islands. No silo’s. We know too much. We’ve seen what division can do.

There’s a new day of collaborating with lead pastors, student ministry and kid leaders.  They  must collide for maximum impact.  It won’t happen over night. But just think about the baby steps being taken this very day.  I am smiling as I think about it.  The Gospel is too precious- to glorious to shrink back and do mediocre ministry to kids and families.

Churches are purposing to:

  1. Integrate strategy
  2. Refine the Message
  3. Reactivate the family
  4. Elevate Community
  5. Leverage Influence.

It’s like removing the bushel so the light can shine!  A beaming light to point all to the Savior.  What are you doing to take those steps today???

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Road Trip!

So, you are ready for a road trip to the ORANGE Conference 2010.  Got your reservation?  Got your breakouts? Got your comfy shoes?  There is one thing I highly recommend you bring. Bring your  expectations! Plan now for what you want to come away with.  As you travel together- whether by plane, train, automobile or giant church van- – TALK.  You are about to experience something together.  You will get to know your team.  You will laugh till your sides hurt.  You will worship and fellowship with churches from all over the globe. How cool is that?

What do you want to walk away with ?  Pinpoint with your team as you travel what some goals are.  Gather all the info you can.  PLAN for great things to happen within you and your team!

And after a long day at a conference I recommend you meet and recap.  Have each team member share highlights of their takeaways from the day.   Talk about all of them.  Pray together.  Laugh some more.   And make a note about people you meet.  Pray for them.  Connect with them.  The power of networking has never been so strong as today!    Remember iron sharpens iron! And on the road home?  Yep, recall it.  Process information and filter through what God is calling your team to do in your local church.

Can you imagine the possibility for impact on kids/parents/volunteers/churches/leaders?   Shout “road trip” and  “amen”  somebody!

Can’t  BE  at Orange>  You can still  join in on a live webcast starting Wednesday night at 7:15pm and throughout the conference.  You ARE part of the team.     Click on BACKSTAGE.


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We are not alone!

Next week is a big week for churches from around the globe. Teams are converging in Atlanta for the Orange Conference to learn from so many great leaders on how to leverage ministry to all ages and connect families. I’ve been to many leaders conferences. I always come away amazed when I take in the view.   I am not alone.  I KNOW that God is always me… BUT, when I see the view of co-laborers together at a conference it amazes me. All of us  sold out to see God show up and work in our hearts, it just knocks me back. We  are different yet have the Cross and grace in common.   We are not alone.  United we are unstoppable  when we are united to see the bright light of the church shine to a darkened world.  Carrying out His mission effectively is imperative.  Put away mediocre.   Shine the light.  Shine it better. Shine it effectively. Shine it creatively. Shine it BIG because God is BIG, and loves those in our communities so much.   I go back home changed as I recall the view I had for a bit.  I am refueled knowing that all around the globe people do what I do each week for the Kingdom.   We are not alone!

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Easter dresses, patent shoes and chicks

I was thinking back to being a kid at Easter. Oh the anticipation! Oh the joy of what was in the basket.  Oh the outfit! Yep, rain or shine you had those new patent shoes that came with a free blister, and short sleeved poofy dress to help you freeze all morning at church.  And what ever got in to my family to give me a a baby chick to celebrate is mind boggling to me now that I have had kids. What were they thinking? We did not live on a farm!
I remember ENJOYING my self being a kid. And I know I heard the Message of Jesus on all of those Easter’s. The seeds were planted.

On this Easter may you remember Easter through the eyes of a child.
May your Messages be child targeted- remembering the WONDER in kids.  At the right time Jesus died for us. He conquered death and is King. Tell it. Tell it real good like! (kid language)

PS  Give peeps not chicks to a child.  Trust me, I know.


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Getting out of the Holy Huddle

It’s a busy week  for Children’s leaders as the prep for Easter. High visitor ratio all across the country as the “Poinsettia and Lily” people (title given by Bill Hybels) show up.  This past weekend  our Pastor discussed  how Jesus told his disciples it was time to get out of the holy huddle. He talked about how Paul was one of those who really listened and took it to heart. He traveled farther than ever before, gained many friends and enemies-but through it all shared the compelling Message of Jesus with power. The Holy Spirit used him to connect with people right where they are.  In Athens  he took advantage of an alter made to an unknown God (Greeks had that just in case they missed one or two…) He leveraged that influence and said, ” Let me tell you about this unknown God.” (Acts 17:22-28 some good reading) He boldly turned their unknown God into a great salvation opportunity. Love it.  That’s leverage.

Seeing this through the eyes of a Children’s Ministry leader,I’ve got to ask,  are we sold out to get out of the status quo- the holy huddle to reach seekers?  If we think like Paul and  LEVERAGE the influence we have around us, it could change our community.   Those families are out there everywhere.  People like Paul talked with that day on Mars Hill.   Families who may be lost, yet sometimes think about some unknown God . Those families may be invited to your church. Will they find a holy huddle?

Design your ministry strategy to leverage influence. Churches who ask what influences this generation of kids we teach,  then take it and leverage it  will flourish.  It will be fresh.  Paul had the crowds attention because he made reference to what they were familiar with. He didn’t bash it- he USED it to steer conversation  and further the Kingdom.  In my neighborhood we call that clever!  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you ideas and ways to leverage influence and get out of that holy huddle to reach kids and families.  Think combining influences.

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