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Children’s Ministry:Swan Diving into 2010

The lyrics are haunting me. “I’m gonna swan dive baby, right into the irresistible future.”   I think about lyrics through the eyes of ministry.  Kinda weird, but I do!  In 2010 I am confident churches that will take steps to become more engaged in strategy rather than just offering a childrens ministry.  Kudos for even baby steps!     BUT,  the churches that swan dives, with undying passion to see kids and families reconnect with a plan in place? Wow!  Those who are emphasizing shared experiences in spiritual growth?  Look out!   Those churches will grow.  More than that, they will abound!  Why? Because God has a plan.  And that plan has never been random.  It has been well thought out- with an end in mind, (and a real good one,  I might add.) If you teach in silo’d uncreative methods in your ministry area in 2010, you will get what you have always gotten.

An alternative  idea?   Swan dive.  Swan dive with me  into the future of 2010 with a new strategy of engaging kids and families.  Start by reading Think Orange by Reggie Joiner.  Better yet, swan dive and have your church staff read!   Happy New Year!

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So I received a Christmas card today.  Not an unusual  occurrence  for this time of year.  When I opened it there was a stuck on return address label where the signature goes.   Really? I felt someone had “checked me off on the list”  of cards to get out. Didn’t really “feel the love”  from the sender.  I know- intentions were good.  Seems like a convenient way to crank ’em out and count it as done.   But strange, it makes me think about ministry!?!   How many things in Children’s  Ministry do you check off to “get r done?”    I hope that programming and curriculum decisions are never made that way.  I’ve been there.  Check it off the list of to do’s.  Never mind it’s just not life giving to kids- its the Bible, right?  Wrong.  That’s why I love the curriculum I represent.  It is an entire month centered around ONE virtue that comes from so many creative angles to present it in a life giving way. It’s part of the strategy of ORANGE.  No “get r done” mentality, but targeted programming that sets everyone up for a win.  Kids, volunteers, parents  ALL “feel the love”   It feels sincere to teach less for more.   Think BIG in 2010!

( Great Christmas read for you…   THINK ORANGE by Reggie Joiner.  Carve out some time,curl up by the fire and read!)


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