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Planning on an ORANGE fall

I am a summer girl.  Hot is good.  Cold is bad.   Long live the good times of summer!

As I read about that proverbial ant in Proverbs today, I thought about (gulp) …Fall.  The Bible says the ant plans in the warm summer for the harvest time. (Prov. 6:8) We are told to consider the habits ants have.  The ant simply prepares to be ahead of the game when fall rolls around, and my feet get cold again.

So what are you thinking through NOW over summer to help in the fall as you endeavor to be most effective to kids and families?  Status quo, no matter what you have done just won’t fly for long.  Switch it up.  Add new.  It can be remarkably uncomfortable being in uncharted territory.  But when you consider the times in the past you “stepped out there” look how God showed up!

How about some BIG asks for volunteers?  Now is when (like the ant) you prepare. Step up the game and ask your volunteers to commit to a FULL month each time (same people/same virtues) to serve as a small group leader.  How about the entire fall or spring season? Big asks from your volunteers yield reward IN your ministry area to the kids. Whatever the next step is: do the BIG ask!  Don’t  go into another fall season apologetically asking for help. Dispel the notion that someone is needed to fill a spot spot VS partner with you to make a difference! There is a difference in the two! One looks like an obligation on the calendar, the other is a ministry opportunity.

Ministry leaders I speak with know that a change needs to take place.  We all need to make changes. Keep in mind people navigate change in different ways.  The vision casting of what the end will look like will help those who are reluctant.   Keep casting vision.

Start planning for a beautiful ORANGE colored fall.  As ministry leaders we can be like that Proverbs ant.  Consider the Fall now while its summer by reading Reggie Joiner’s book THINK ORANGE.  You may just need to  begin and find out about this ORANGE coloring of ministry to kids and families.

Orange is uniting home (red the heart) and church (yellow=the Light). These are two huge influences!  Combining ministry programming around that red and yellow will make greater impact equals ORANGE!  But be warned… it will mess with you.  I think its the BEST plan in the long term fight for the family!   And I’ve been in the trenches of  “ant work” for many years.  Plan while its summer!

Consider the ant my friend.

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Misty on June 17th 2010 in Uncategorized

Me a cheerleader?

I know. You already you have an image in your head when you see the word cheerleader,right? Pom poms, pleated skirt, pigtails and ribbons. Maybe even the SNL cheerleaders come to your mind. But just for a moment, lets block out the stereotypical rah rah. Think  more like “leader of cheering” if that helps…

The dictionary defines the word cheer a : something that gladdens: a shout of applause or encouragement. I believe God is all over that! He rejoices over us. He lifts our head. He brings encouragement. That’s my kind of cheer leading for the challenging game of life.

As a leader, you need to be the biggest cheerleader for your volunteers. Notice things. Encourage people as you see their gifts in action. Funny, but sometimes we don’t recognize that we are gifted in an area until someone else notices. Cheer for volunteers and affirm their gifts. What does cheering for them do? It helps your team members to realize the difference they can make. Cheering for your team is making time for celebration. Let others know about your team and how they sacrifice to be faithful to minister to kids. Hooray for what God is doing through ordinary people like us.  Celebrate partnering with God and the gifts in people.  What will happen?  More people will be attracted to join the team.   As a leader you must be the biggest fan of your team and shout it out loud often!

Go Team!


Misty on June 8th 2010 in Uncategorized