We are not alone!

Next week is a big week for churches from around the globe. Teams are converging in Atlanta for the Orange Conference to learn from so many great leaders on how to leverage ministry to all ages and connect families. I’ve been to many leaders conferences. I always come away amazed when I take in the view.   I am not alone.  I KNOW that God is always me… BUT, when I see the view of co-laborers together at a conference it amazes me. All of us  sold out to see God show up and work in our hearts, it just knocks me back. We  are different yet have the Cross and grace in common.   We are not alone.  United we are unstoppable  when we are united to see the bright light of the church shine to a darkened world.  Carrying out His mission effectively is imperative.  Put away mediocre.   Shine the light.  Shine it better. Shine it effectively. Shine it creatively. Shine it BIG because God is BIG, and loves those in our communities so much.   I go back home changed as I recall the view I had for a bit.  I am refueled knowing that all around the globe people do what I do each week for the Kingdom.   We are not alone!   www.theorangeconference.com

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Misty on April 20th 2010 in Uncategorized

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