Getting out of the Holy Huddle

It’s a busy week  for Children’s leaders as the prep for Easter. High visitor ratio all across the country as the “Poinsettia and Lily” people (title given by Bill Hybels) show up.  This past weekend  our Pastor discussed  how Jesus told his disciples it was time to get out of the holy huddle. He talked about how Paul was one of those who really listened and took it to heart. He traveled farther than ever before, gained many friends and enemies-but through it all shared the compelling Message of Jesus with power. The Holy Spirit used him to connect with people right where they are.  In Athens  he took advantage of an alter made to an unknown God (Greeks had that just in case they missed one or two…) He leveraged that influence and said, ” Let me tell you about this unknown God.” (Acts 17:22-28 some good reading) He boldly turned their unknown God into a great salvation opportunity. Love it.  That’s leverage.

Seeing this through the eyes of a Children’s Ministry leader,I’ve got to ask,  are we sold out to get out of the status quo- the holy huddle to reach seekers?  If we think like Paul and  LEVERAGE the influence we have around us, it could change our community.   Those families are out there everywhere.  People like Paul talked with that day on Mars Hill.   Families who may be lost, yet sometimes think about some unknown God . Those families may be invited to your church. Will they find a holy huddle?

Design your ministry strategy to leverage influence. Churches who ask what influences this generation of kids we teach,  then take it and leverage it  will flourish.  It will be fresh.  Paul had the crowds attention because he made reference to what they were familiar with. He didn’t bash it- he USED it to steer conversation  and further the Kingdom.  In my neighborhood we call that clever!  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you ideas and ways to leverage influence and get out of that holy huddle to reach kids and families.  Think combining influences.

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