Come Together…

I have a Beatles hit playing in my head today…”Come Together.”

My prayer for all who experienced the Orange Conference last week is a that there is lots of “coming together” happening in churches. I pray that leaders never go back to  “corners” of ministry, rather they unite to form  a circle of influence that is ORANGE in the local church. No islands. No silo’s. We know too much. We’ve seen what division can do.

There’s a new day of collaborating with lead pastors, student ministry and kid leaders.  They  must collide for maximum impact.  It won’t happen over night. But just think about the baby steps being taken this very day.  I am smiling as I think about it.  The Gospel is too precious- to glorious to shrink back and do mediocre ministry to kids and families.

Churches are purposing to:

  1. Integrate strategy
  2. Refine the Message
  3. Reactivate the family
  4. Elevate Community
  5. Leverage Influence.

It’s like removing the bushel so the light can shine!  A beaming light to point all to the Savior.  What are you doing to take those steps today???

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