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I have the blessed opportunity to speak with kid leaders everyday.  Many leaders are seeing that change is needed and they need to engage kids in a better way…its just how to get there. The Sunday School church model of the 50’s isn’t attractive for these 21st century kids.  Volunteers aren’t attracted to serve. Filled with nothing but good intentions leaders realize they are rather stuck, and not sure how to get “unstuck.”   If you keep on doing the same thing, you end up with -(finish it with me kids…) the SAME thing.  Getting “unstuck” means  being willing to check out what’s on the horizon.  No one means to get stuck-  it’s just that Sundays roll around so fast! And once we had a plan- we “stuck” to it.  I have leaders weekly say to me, “What is this ORANGE kid leaders are talking about?”

Orange is thinking through questions like this …. What if your church thought in terms of strategy, not just programming ?  What if the church- the light (yellow), shining bright combined its efforts with  family- the heart of home (red) and partnered together  to bring kids the Message of God’s love? What if you combined the two? What if you taught LESS to achieve MORE?  It would create ORANGE!  Leveraged influence the parents, who are the primary source for spiritual training of their kids, with the church who presented God’s timeless Message in fresh, fun engaging ways?  It attracts kids.  It attracts families.  It energizes volunteers.   ITS ORANGE!


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