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Manna Up! Trusting the freshness of Manna

This summer gal loves the fresh produce of summer. Its the real deal. I relish each bite of a summer tomato.
I read in Exodus about the Manna deal God made with the children of Israel. Out of complaining, God  showed his faithfulness to them. To me it was really a trust issue. A trust test- if you will. God was specific in the “how to” gathering process of Manna. Each day you got to get a miraculous new supply of sustenance in fresh “what IS this?” or manna bread. First of all, YOU had to go get it. And the only day you got to take extra was before the sabbath rest. If you tried to keep it for another day,  you got mold and general yuck city stuff in your breakfast the next day.  However,  IF you expected new manna to be out there?  It would be!  God’s faithful like that!
(Read for yourself in Exodus 16)

As a ministry leaders are you picking up the daily manna? There are so many great blogs/helps/articles out there that are God inspired to help YOU lead.  Like never before  there are resources for ministry leaders to be fresh in ministry presentation.  Don’t sit in your tent waiting. Go out and find the Manna so you can be filled and ready to do your job!  Daily doses of leadership challenges and inspiration are there for you.  Take them in.  Use them!

Some of you have been doing ministry for awhile think you have got this all under control… like attracting volunteers and families just happens? LOL!  Creative, strategic fresh ministry will bring health and life.  Don’t be afraid.  Its yesterday’s Manna that isn’t so fresh for you.   Don’t get me wrong.  The Bible and God’s truth is absolutely timeless.  Its a done deal.  But HOW its presented at your church should  be as fresh and inspiring as the miracle of daily manna.  Its a trust test.  Trust Him to new ideas and strategy my friend. Its like  my summer tomato.  Real deal.

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