Me a cheerleader?

I know. You already you have an image in your head when you see the word cheerleader,right? Pom poms, pleated skirt, pigtails and ribbons. Maybe even the SNL cheerleaders come to your mind. But just for a moment, lets block out the stereotypical rah rah. Think  more like “leader of cheering” if that helps…

The dictionary defines the word cheer a : something that gladdens: a shout of applause or encouragement. I believe God is all over that! He rejoices over us. He lifts our head. He brings encouragement. That’s my kind of cheer leading for the challenging game of life.

As a leader, you need to be the biggest cheerleader for your volunteers. Notice things. Encourage people as you see their gifts in action. Funny, but sometimes we don’t recognize that we are gifted in an area until someone else notices. Cheer for volunteers and affirm their gifts. What does cheering for them do? It helps your team members to realize the difference they can make. Cheering for your team is making time for celebration. Let others know about your team and how they sacrifice to be faithful to minister to kids. Hooray for what God is doing through ordinary people like us.  Celebrate partnering with God and the gifts in people.  What will happen?  More people will be attracted to join the team.   As a leader you must be the biggest fan of your team and shout it out loud often!

Go Team!


Misty on June 8th 2010 in Uncategorized

2 Responses to “Me a cheerleader?”

  1. Margo, Children's Ministry Academy responded on 28 Dec 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    When I first saw this blog post’s title, I thought, “Uh oh! Not something about cheerleading.” But then, as I read, I realized that I, too, am a cheerleader! In fact, all of us who are children’s ministers are cheerleaders because while we lead our students, we encourage them to grow spiritually and to become closer to God. Thank you for pointing this out!

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