Sending Mixed Messages

It’s so easy to send and receive  mixed messages these days.  I’m notorious for sending quick cryptic text messages that need  translation from patient family members, (good news is they have a sense of humor).  I know what  message I meant to send, but it didn’t get received that way.  With so many ways to communicate, now more than ever its important to be clear.

Kids are brilliant.  They pick up on this mixed message game.  That’s why as parents its important to be a united front.  But how about the church?  NOW more than ever the church needs to be clear in the messages we convey in ministry to kids and families.  Multi- programming  (my term for great endeavors like sports programs,bible memory teams, Sunday School, Children’s Church and on and on) could  swallow up the goal in ministry, and  dilute your leverage point of your minimum of 1 or 2 hour  per week you have a child in your ministry.   It takes lots of energy to keep the MAIN thing, the MAIN when we are pulled in so many directions!  Its easy to have all the activities (though pure in motives) lead us, rather than us lead.  And really, they dilute one another.

Dream with me for a moment: what if the church sent a simple Message ,or nugget of truth for kids and parents to work on for a month together? Hmmm.  God’s Word transforms us… so, what if ONE truth of His word worked  through us all week as a family. That’s a win! What if we communicated that one thing for a month – in very creative fun ways,as part of the process that teaches simple Bible truths with the end in mind?  We could expect fruit in kids and families  What if parents and the church were all given one game plan to work on together in kids lives along the support and  all the tools…

There really is no time for the focused ministry leader to send mixed messages.  Leverage influence between God’s Word, the church, kids and parents.   As a ministry leader  take some time and pray and evaluate  if you may be sending mixed messages.  This glorious Message is too important to dilute. Kids are far too precious !

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