Home Plate

I live in a baseball town.  We’ve already had our winter warm event  a month  ago when it was about 20 degrees.  The players showed up.  The coaches showed up.  The fans showed up. No game was played, but something was in the air.   I think it was the anticipation of what is to come in 2010.  And expectations are always over the top for our team. Cross home plate enough to go to the world series.  Cross home plate.

Some would think it strange how stuff  ties into ministry for me, but it does.  I thought about how funny it would be if the players, coaches and fans showed up to the ballpark and there was one thing missing… home plate.  There would be no way to define a win without a score.   Baseball is about strategy. Hmm… wow, ministry to kids and families (which if FAR more important) is about strategy.   If you just pick curriculum and run the program, its like you forgot to put home base out on the field.  DEFINE the win.   Do children’s ministry leaders PLAN on kids succeeding as they plan for the weekend?  Put home plate on the field. I believe God is honored by that!  Simple lessons (less is more) with strategy for a child  to know and grow in their relationship  with God is the plan. Partnered with parents and volunteers saying the same thing translates to a home run.  A score.  And as we say here in baseball heaven- “that’s a winner!

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