Rear View Mirror

Change happens.  It can come fast. It can come slowwww.   A ministry endeavoring to be on target is going to embrace the change possibilities.  While it’s happening it can be a painful, but  wow– what a worthy trek to find the finish line.   I’ve learned to take a look in the  rear view mirror to see how far ministry to both kids and families has come.  It helps spur me on in reach kids and families.

My gauge for review of a ministry week:

(1) Kids came and were taught in a fresh, insightful age appropriate way.

(2) We partnered with parents for the coming week  to reinforce and create their own ministry moments with their kids.

(3) Volunteers were connected, engaged and valued like crazy!

(4) God was honored and lifted up.

To be healthy, vibrant and growing you’ve got to keep it fresh.  If you think you’ve got the plan in place…think again. It will change.   Balance the unchangeable Message with what’s on the horizon in your ministry area. Open the doors to new ideas.   Our path ahead grows brighter and brighter! ( Proverbs 4:18 )  Just take a look in the rear view mirror and see.

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Misty on September 19th 2009 in Uncategorized

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