Through a Different Lense

I am at the age where I now need reading glasses.  Same eyes, but they need a little help.  With new lenses in front of me I can actually read the pages of the phone book.  The small things have been magnified so I can see.  It’s not the type or font’s fault, but the lenses in my eyes that are… well, uh, well seasoned.

We who minister to kids may need an eye exam.  Recognizing the need for a new lense is imperative in viewing children’s ministry.  We know how valuable ministry to kids/volunteers is.  But like my new glasses, when viewed through a new lense it becomes SO clear. 

Parents NOT churches are the primary influence of kids.  A big group of us get failing marks in leveraging this.  We throw in a few family nights/activities and think we have morphed into culture.  Nope.  Just the same lense with a different activity.  What we do on the weekend, while important, is nothing like what parents can influence through the week.  Family nights are just not going to cut it.  No parent wants to fail.  Have we set them up for success?  Make an appointment as a leadership team for an eye exam on how you leverage your church’s influence.  Children’s Ministry is not a maintenance ministry.  Kids ARE the church today.  New lenses.  New day.  Check ups keep us seeing clear.

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