Leader Problem Solving 101:

Quote: “None of us are as smart as all of us”. – Ken Blanchard

While in the trenches of ministry, don’t leave out the key ingredient of team problem solving.  Successful leaders value team input.  Great leaders know need more than one ingredient in the recipe of BEST ministry practices in Children’s Ministry.

  1. Carve out time for team dialogue on “big hills” needing to be taken.
  2. Examine if this “hill” lines up with the BIG vision of your church and ministry area.  Many times that solves the problem right there.
  3. Enlist your big picture thinkers.  You ain’t no island! Yell Help! Proverbs says wisdom comes from many counselors. Pride is “I’m in charge. I’m the leader.”
  4. Carve up the challenge into bite sized pieces as you attempt to solve.  Ask yourself how would a person you are inspired by look at this?
  5. A good leader attempts to examine the “what if” possibilities.  Work through those scenario’s with your team.  Be prepared.
  6. Never feel like pressure is the decision point.

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