Ministry Leader vs. Manager

My son is in his senior year of college.  He has a Sports Psychology class this semester.  He came home sharing enthusiastically of how the Professor launched his overview of the class.  The Prof stood up and talked on the difference between leaders and managers.  He had a pretty simple definition of the two.  Managers manage.  Leaders lead.  The Professor said that leaders have the ability to inspire and impart great things that can be achieved.  Managers, well they manage.  My son was impressed with this concept.  But as he thought about it, he kept coming up with personal applications of past experiences that highlighted the difference between leaders and managers in his own life.  Even in his young adult life he could see the correlation.  The Professor had indeed said a mouthful!

Take a moment and try doing what my son did.  Recount the influencers in your life and think on if these people managed or lead you.  I think you’ll find that leadership is a key to achievement.  It brings emotion from personal encounters with it.  Leaders plant seeds of inspiration in creative ways…and they are all around us.  Sports world, Corporate world and Church world.  It is the art of leadership.

Now think about those around you who are in your sphere of ministry influence.  How’s your style in leading vs. managing?  Are you thinking futuristically in regards to your newer volunteers?  Do you plant seeds to give room to inspire?  I believe that leading people to find their strengths, then giving them all the tools they need is the beginning of leadership.  It’s as important as being their biggest cheerleader and advocate.  But you don’t leave them there.  You co-labor to produce the best in volunteers.  You lead so as to help others to shine.  Leaders lead.

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