Painted Myself in a Corner…

I painted myself into a corner this week. Really. I was staining my deck-and working hard at it when I realized a BIG mistake. I had lost sight of the big picture of the project. I had painted myself into a corner.

Happens in ministry too. I’ve got my head down conquering the task in front of me with a vengeance… and then I look up. How did I get here? That’s when you you utter a big “Doh” just like Homer Simpson.

I think it’s done in more ministry areas than we might want to admit. No matter if it’s volunteer recruitment or recognition or ministry planning, it can all get you painted into a corner quickly. Well, from a Simpson like perspective may I encourage you to take a moment to back away to reflect on what’s going on. It’s biblical. Be still. Survey the land. We humans get so busy DOING ministry sometimes that we miss the point. I think Jesus had that conversation at Mary and Martha’s house.

Some ministry questions for children’s leaders: Are new kids and parents welcomed and acclimated with loving care? Are your team members gifted in the right areas for what they do? Do you need to stop some programming? Do you need to start some programming? Are you to lead the way in doing something fresh?

If you feel painted in a corner…STOP. Stop and listen and pray. He will keep you from losing sight of the big picture as you accomplish whatever the task at hand. He will keep you from getting yourself painted in to a corner.

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