Greatness in Great People

Great people desire to bring out the greatness in others.
John Maxwell

Just spent a week serving at the Orange conference in Atlanta. I noticed that something was missing. I looked at speakers,volunteers, both set up and clean up people, and couldn’t find it anywhere. The ego. I was reflecting on the flight home to the midwest how refreshing it was to find a united group of people from many backgrounds serving. California. South Carolina. Oklahoma. Many denominations. They were shining in whatever role they played. Servanthood. What a beautiful thing to see in action.
Your own team at can be that fine tuned. I believe it blesses God. Your task? Do faithfully what Maxwell recommended. Bring out the greatness in others. It’s Jesus model of losing yourself to gain. Everyone fights the ego in ministry. It’s a deal breaker. It’s a team wrecker. Don’t tolerate it.
Where do you start? Take note of your volunteers giftings. Talk with them. What do they feel makes God smile in their life of serving? Set a personal goal of how you might help them be their best. Search for tools arm them with. Give teachings to inspire and bring out the greatness IN them. Set up opportunity for community to build them up each time they serve. Stretch them a bit to grow into their great calling of service. Ask BIG asks of your team. Pour out your life to bring out their greatness.
…And for heaven’s sake, mix it up. Stop some events. Start some events. The life of ministry is a vibrant one. I cannot think of anything more fun than to watch others discover their gifts. When they do you’d better hold on, because there is no stopping them. They contribute ideas to the team. They arrive on time. The converse through the week. Their light of greatness has come on- minus the ego.

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